Octagon Wildlife Sanctuary

41660 Horseshoe Road
Punta Gorda
United States
Tel: +1 239-543-1130
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Octagon Wildlife Sanctuary is the forever home to discarded and many times mistreated and unwanted exotic "zoo type" animals that have been confiscated by Florida Fish and Wildlife, USDA (Federal and State), or other law enforcement agencies. Most of Octagon's animals have come from breeding facilities that have been shut down, circuses, privately owned by people without proper licenses or abusive owners, or by people that thought it was a good idea to buy an exotic animal, only to realize it was a wild animal and they couldn't care for it. We are NOT a zoo. Though we rescue zoo type animals, these are ones that are 17 to 20 year generations of being born, raised, and sold in captivity to be a "pet" or be used in a business. None of the animals have been taken out of the wild. Zoos will not care for these animals due to their physical and/or mental conditions.

Once an animal is brought to Octagon, it is seen by a veterinarian who does a complete assessment, and is treated accordingly. Each animal is treated for specific ailments and conditions. Diets are developed for each animal according to what they can handle with their condition, as well as their likes and dislikes! Their enclosures are built according to USDA and Florida Fish and Wildlife regulations. The tigers and bears all have swimming pools to cool off in or just play around, and the lions (who do not like pools) have lots of shade AND sunlight to lounge around....which they love to do!! The animals at Octagon are given different items to play with, which is called enrichment, to keep them active in their environment. Our primates have TV on all the time. They love the interaction, being very social animals, the stimulation is very good for them. They actually have favorite programs and let us know if something comes on they don't care for! It's quite amusing.