About Us

GirlsTripGuide.com as created to encourage and inspire travelers (especially women travelers) to explore this big, beautiful planet we call Earth! By providing a simple platform, we aim to connect travel-related businesses and services with AWESOME people (we did mention women and let’s be honest, they are pretty awesome). We want our visitors to have the best travel information, tools, tips, and advice out there.

Whether you are visiting to reach out to connect with potential clients, or checking out the site to plan your next epic adventure, we want to help! So, stay a while and find someplace special to lay your head, something awesome to do, somewhere with great food, or even how to get there. Let’s just be epic together. Don’t forget to tell a friend to check us out, too (because you know sharing is caring).

And just in case you were wondering, we welcome the opportunity to collaborate with those who also have a passion for encouraging and inspiring others to get out and see the world!

-Girls’ Trip Guide Editorial Staff